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Auto Login to Plex Server on Boot?

1.  I can't seem to get Chromium to hold my username and password to auto login to the Plex server when booting PlexPi.  

I am logged in to Chromium with my Google account which holds all the usernames and passwords.  I tried logging out and back in to no avail.

2.  Is there a keystroke to return to the kisok screen after using Alt-F4 to drop to the desktop?  

Other than that PlexPi seems to be working good!  Well done, Robbie!
I'm having a similar issue, however I have not signed into chromium or anything other than Plex itself. But upon boot I have to login to Plex again. Is there any way to automate this step?
I don't think you need to be logged in the kiosk for Plex Media Server to work.

I automatically close the kiosk at each reboot and it works fine. Your profile details are stored in the Plex Media Server configuration.
Thank you, I just checked and you are absolutely correct.  Thank you!
I’m having this problem too and can’t seem to resolve it. I am a real newbie.

(1) I first chose to log in using my Google account, don’t think that could be the problem but every time I reboot the Pi I have to log in again and I see no option to use Plex without logging in. 

(2)  for this to work for me I must be able to startup Plex server without internet connection. In winter I park my RV on a beach in Baja, Mex and have no internet for 2 months at a time. So far every time I start PlexPi I am required to log in.  When starting  plex  without an Internet connection I get the message 
Plex is not reachable. 
Make sure your server has an Internet connection and any firewalls are other programs are set to allow access.

 From what I’m reading above it seems like this is possible but I can’t get it to work? 

 Any help would be appreciated.
I can guarantee you that I am NOT the right person to answer this. 
BUT-I will try. 
Even without internet do you otherwise have a local network?  So basically computers and devices can see each other but not really whats out there on the "web"? If so, it technically should still work because you will have a working Plex system to locally have media and devices to watch your content.  You may be having a problem with the Plex system (not Robbi's awesome PlexPi) but with Plex itself authenticating your account for use.  Without internet, they basically can't know if you're authorized to use Plex or not. 

You may also look to see if you fall under any of these requirements Plex has, if these don't apply to you, perhaps I may have spoken out of line and ask for forgiveness.

Good luck, and enjoy beautiful Baja CA!
So I was wondering the same thing after reading, and before I installed. If your running the newest version...i think, which is what i downloaded, when you enter plex the first time it ask if you want to save the password, etc....it might also do it again if you didn't say no and try again to log into plex. if you hit alt-f4 you can flash to the desktop. Plex is still running in the background...like...always. if you want to modify plex, open the chromium app again, and it will ask you to sign in...again, but you should be able to type the first letter of your username or email and it will autofill everything.  As far as i know, and have tested, as soon as the Rpi boots up, plex is running. That's coming from powering down, and up the pi, and checking on mac, phone, and tv to make sure that plex was running.

I have had plex running with a 4tb external for 2 days now and have had plex running in a window on the Pi instead of full screen. So i can still do other things on the pi.
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