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Library location

I have a WD My Cloud single bay NAS which is where I want to locate my Plex library. However, it is not listed when I click on Library to add it. Please help.
see my reply to this thread!

It errored out:

mount -t cifs /NAS IP ADDRESS/PlexPi (shared folder) /my/networkShare
Results in

Please note the 2 forward slashes before the NAS adress
sudo mount -t cifs //YOUR_ROUTER_IP_ADDRESS/SHARED_FOLDER /mnt/networkShare
Thanks for that. Everything works. I can't believe my stupidity. Of course, 2 forward slashes.
Now I need your advice, you are apparently the font of all wisdom.
Here's my setup.
I have a Charter/Spectrum cable bundle including broadband, TV and telephone. We have 3 TVs and 3 set top box DVRs that we rent from Charter/Spectrum. We're charged $20/month for DVR service if we make no recordings. Stupidly and archaically, the media is stored separately on the 3 160GB HDDs in each set top box. No central media storage.

I purchased an HDHomeRun Prime which connects to the coax provided by Charter/Spectrum for the TV signal and I'm renting a cable card for $2 / month to provide the TV channels to the HDHomeRun Prime. All 500+ channels are now active. Silicondust, the mfg of HDHomeRun offers a DVR service for $30 / year to which I've subscribed. I have installed the HDHomeRun software as an app on the WD My Cloud NAS, which may be the wrong location.

So, the question is the best way to use this stuff. I bought 3 Roku Express sticks for the 3 TVs, but although the have a Plex app built-in which, I think, will work to play stored content, it does not have an app that will control the channels running on the HDHomeRun or control recording and managing recorded content. As I said, the HDHomeRun software is installed on the WD NAS, and it has its own TV guide in the standard grid interface and a recording interface, etc., but I don't know a simple way for my wife to control it. Ever had that problem?

Are you at all familiar with this and have any suggestions to offer?

Much appreciated
This is actually thunder2k not Robbie Smile

Glad I've helped, don't worry, these kind of errors happen to me as well Smile

For your other question unfortunately I'm not familiar at all with that setup. 

What I can suggest is to save the recordings on the NAS and point a library to that folder so that you can watch your recording through plex. 

It looks like I did that thanks to your help.
I'm sorry but what I hope to do is use an app in Kodi which will installed on the Amazon Fire Stick to control the Kodi Siliconedust Hdhomerun PVR client that will control TV viewing and recording. The recorded content will be n the NAS shared folder and accessible with Plex on Plexpi.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I won't need a Plex pass with that setup. Right?
Please read my post on the Real VNC page.
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