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Installed plexpi and now ....

Good day 

I hope that you are well

Thank you very much for plexpi it is exactly what I was looking for.

I have installed in on my rasberrypi 3 and it is on my network and has access to the internet and I have a hdmi cable running to my main lounge tv through my amp as the video output and got quite a few tb hdds connected to it and I must’ve say it is a great pleasure to scroll down through all the poster titles.

Sitting at work trying to think perhaps what may need to be tweaked because. On playing a movie a mp4 the voice was no problem but the video was laggy. So I copied the movie to usb and played straight from the tv and it worked perfect. I didn’t try through the amp, maybe the tv can play it but the amp cant hence the need for the transcoding? 

Also when browsing through all the posters I need to go slow while it tries to load/retrieve, is it just the case of be patient and Lerner’s it all load or doesn’t it load as a person scrolls.

And lastly on the main tv the main plexpi screen has a black border around it ... I couldn’t find where or how to adjust the screen size

Ok I got home I using raspberry pi 3 model b v1.2

And on login there was a notification for an update which I eventually figured out how to do.

Now just to figure out the laggy video and the laggy poster scrolling hmmmmmm I checked the file I trying to watch and it’s a mp4 720p acc audio...... how do I know if it is being transcoded or playing directly?
Does this sound better?

Shall I maybe install plexmedia server on my Linux pc and then connect my pi to my tv and watch stuff that way? Would I still have the same issues as above ?
I don’t get it I have tried everything except actually recoding my video files ... no mater what everything wants to transcode and is not watchable I don’t see the point of this anymore
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