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Ian wondering what is the history or story of plexpi? 
How it came about?
Why is it not on the Plex.tv site?
What’s the relationship between Category5 and Plex.tv?
Why don’t they also offer the plexpi distro as a download on there site as well?
PlexPi's history is quite recent. A few months ago, I was looking to make my raspberry a plex server. But I had no knowledge and started asking someone on YouTube who had talked about it (https://www.youtube.com/user/category5tv) for help. This person explained to me that I was not the first person to ask him for help and asked me if an image we could just put on the raspberry would interest people. I was the first interested and certain that others would be. He then started developing and I could start testing the betas of the current PlexPi.

Category5 has no affiliation with Plex.tv. So they don't propose the image, not the support or anything.
Ahhhh ok cool it a very good idea
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