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Just installed PlexPi.....IP address has me confused.

My Raspberry Pi 3B has been running Plex Media Server for a couple of years.  I was able to add files to it via WinSCP with no problems at all.  One day, the Pi stopped responding, so I figured it was a good time to update to Stretch and the latest PMS.

After a few aborted tries doing it the hard way (with a new 32GB card) and getting the Mrs angry at me because I was usurping the TV, I swallowed my pride and installed PlexPi.  Things seem to be running OK but one thing has me confused.

The original PMS setup used as an IP address.  It wouldn't have surprised me if it changed upon essentially starting from scratch.  But my router told me that plexpi (instead of the old raspberrypi) was still at   Couldn't contact the Pi with either WinSCP or puTTY.

This morning, I noticed my Win10 desktop shows the Plex Media Server (plexpi) in File Explorer / This PC, sure enough, I could see the media files on my 2TB external drive.  Just for chuckles, I clicked on properties and the address it gave me was  That address does not show in my router's DHCP.  Logged in using WinSCP using that address and everything works.  Downloaded some new files to the hard drive, PMS found them and they're right there on the Plex desktop as they should be.

Huh Huh  but it works.

Thanks for making something I should have used first off instead of showing off my Linux ignorance.
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