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NEMS 1.4 Initial Bug Reports

Keep informed on the current status of any bugs:
NEMS 1.4 was released on June 10th. As is always the case with a major release, I expect bug reports to flow in for the first week or two as people experience the new system, and taper off as I issue patches.

NEMS 1.4 is a complete re-build of NEMS Linux. I did my best to ensure the img file was backward compatible and includes the features you expect, where you expect them. As a one-man programming crew, there's always a chance I missed something, though I've worked very hard to ensure the out of the box experience is as good as it can be.

NEMS is a self-updating distro. This means if a bug is reported, I can issue a patch, and update all NEMS servers with the fix. That means you do not have to re-install after a bug fix. Just be patient when you report an issue and I will do my best to address each bug quickly.

If you see a bug fix in the changelog that you believe you have not yet received, you may issue the following command to get all the current bug fixes: sudo nems-quickfix

Keep in mind that command is not required normally since it runs automatically every 24 hours. But it helps expedite patches during this busy initial time where I might issue 3 or 4 patches per day.

I tend to tackle usability bugs before minor bugs.

In the first 2 days of NEMS 1.4, there were only a few issues that cropped up, and they were patched promptly. I'm sure more issues will spring up as you tinker with NEMS and try things that I didn't think of during development.

Please create a new thread for each issue, but first check if anyone has already reported the issue and instead join the existing thread.

Thanks all! I hope you love NEMS 1.4!

Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

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NEMS 1.4 has been replaced with NEMS 1.5.
Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

Did I help you out? Appreciate what I do? Please consider saying thanks:
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