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refused to connect

Hopefully someone here can help me out. 

I didn't download the PlexPi image, rather I followed along and did a manual installation. This is because I am running retropi and I just want Plex media server to run on the same Pi. I ran the installation and when I do a ps -aux I can see that Plex Media Server is running but when I go to I get a message that says it refused to connect. I do know that is the right IP address as I am accessing the Pi through SSH. 

I see that the media server is running as the user plex, although I set it in the config to run as the user pi

I am not sure if that is what is throwing it off or what. Any help would be appreciated.
Well I went through and upgraded everything, uninstalled plex and re-installed it and now it is working.
Good stuff!!
How did you perform the upgrade to the latest PMS version? Is it now running as pi or plex?
I ran:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

BUT that didn't work at first so I removed plexmediaserver through apt then did update and upgrade again. After that I re-installed plex put the line in the config for plex to run as the pi user, and viola! I got the web login. Now my pi boots directly to emulation station and sits waiting for game play and runs plex in the background. 
So since I used the plexpi image that should already have the config to run as pi it should work straight away. I'll make an sd card back and give it a go.
I'm encountering this issue as well. I have gone through the installation process 5 times now and am entirely up to date. Would appreciate some input on this.
For me it only worked after I did an apt-get remove on the plex media server THEN I did an update/upgrade and I was able to get it to work after that. Doing the update/upgrade while it was installed didn't fix it. Hope that is helpful.
That worked!! Thanks for the tip! I've been stuck on this for days!! Big Grin
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