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How to add a host for monitoring

Installed NEMS on my raspberry pi, look over the documentation and can't find how to add a host.  Tried some of the google search results with no luck.  Weird how the add host document doesn't exist on the documentation page.

Can anyone help me add host for monitoring?

Thank you!
Hey chicostix - welcome to NEMS!
Apologies: NEMS Linux is still in development mode. I'm just one guy, and that means the documentation is lacking as I focus more on developing it into the most robust and easy-to-use Nagios server ever!
But that said, I'm here to help, and happy to do so.
Do not, by any means, follow the instructions you linked to. Doing so will break your NEMS configuration.
NEMS (unlike Nagios Core) is striving to be GUI-based. The config files are built automatically within NEMS NConf and NEMS SST. Editing these configs manually will result in your database being out of sync with your configs, and you will lose data.
I'm planning a video series to walk people through how to use NEMS Linux (a bit easier to follow than docs, I think) and supplementing that with documentation. I also hope to eventually write a book for sysadmins on the use of NEMS. For now, let me know what you'd like help with specifically, and I will focus on that.
Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

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Hey Robbie,

First, Thank you for responding your awesome for that!  Second, buddy of mine brought this to me but was having issues adding the host.  After some putting around I finally got it to work using NConf page as you stated.  Only thing is I don't know if I needed to install the plugin on the host machine.  For Me specifically, I'm looking to see when my ocamlfuse mount gets hung as it sometimes does, log it (maybe) and notify me that its hung (definitely).  I'm a network engineer by trade so not an expert with the inner working with linux down to a service level but I'm a quick study.  

Any of this make sense?

Thanks again.  I already like what you have done with NEMS and am looking forward to exploring its capabilities.

P.S.  I understand where you are focusing your time and effort, but maybe you should just throw a very crude example of how to add a host so folks can get up and running without crashing their system.


Agreed. I'll do my best to commit some extra time upcoming. I'll be on vacation soon... maybe I can bring a NEMS server with me and connect it to my laptop and get cracking :)

It hit me after I wrote my first reply... DUH, hey! I did a video about basic setup a few years ago when NEMS was young... but it would TOTALLY help you out with the basics even now - and you'll get to see how far nems has come. Take a look in the news section on the web site and see if that helps. :)

I'll get working on the docs soon!
Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

Did I help you out? Appreciate what I do? Please consider saying thanks:
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