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plexpi and retropie? or similar

Hello All,

I have successfully made a plexpi server connected to a 4tb external. This is really going to save my home computer for work needs. I have tested up to 3 streams at the same time on different devices and haven't had any issues. I have a brand new RPi 3 B+. My question is can i take this futher?

Just wondering if there is a way to make the PlexPi have an add-on. So i can run PlexPi and RetroPie at the Same time. That way i could still have my server running if someone wants to watch something, but have the pi hooked up to my arcade and game at the same time.
that was a great test!

Just one question, when you had 3 streams simultaneously, where they all Direct Play or Direct Strem? I'm asking because my RPi 3 B+ struggles even with one if it needs to transcode video and audio (it can manage audio transcoding).

I have the Pi hooked up Ethernet. Each video file i have "analyzed" which i think helps. Video Quality is set to 10Mbs 1080p. And my test was playing different movies at the same time on the pi itself through HDMI, Wifi to a Roku, and my phone with wifi turned off.
I would really like to run both plexpi which is working great and retropie or similar at the same time. I already have another pi running retropie for gaming. But it would be super cool to have both rpis hooked up to monitors and game with them and have one of them for a media server.
or atleast can you add retropie to raspian...or whatever the os is with plexpi? like a dropdown menu or app?
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