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Plex does not start until web login at the Pi console

I'm seeing an issue where plexpi doesn't finish the media server startup until I login with my Plex ID/password.

I use plex on other systesm (Scientific Linux and OS X) and don't see this behavior

I found that if you login using the chromium browser one time and save the login when the popup shows up it will always be logged in. Even though it looks like you have to login again. It's great because I dont use a monitor.
when I forst start the Pi,  it seem chromium is what comes up with the Plex login screen.  That's where I do the login so I'd say it's no dice
try hitting alt+f4 then go to the upper left and click on the raspberry, internet, chromium, it should go to plex. then login and save your info when the popup comes up. after that it should stay logged in even though it will still boot to the same screen that looks like it needs to login again. try watching plex on another device, it should work. you could hit alt+f4 and open chromium again and see it will be logged in. Hope that helped.
will try that and report back
That is no dice.  Reboot always starts chromium in kiosk mode; always asking to login.  plexmediaserver is NOT started until the login happens.
The kiosk that launches on startup has nothing to do with the PMS. I never logged in that and I always kill it as soon as it starts and my PMS works fine
Actually, not what I was told previously in this thread.
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