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Can't get Plex Server Running

So, I've spent WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much time on this so far and am very agitated.

Ultimately, I bought a ABOX Raspberry Pi 3 B+ kit to run a Plex Server for my home.  I can't figure out how to get to that point.  So far, I:
  • Downloaded PlexPi 1.3 image
  • Flashed it to my 32GB sd card w/ Etcher
  • Connected Pi to network via ethernet
  • Installed and can access the Raspberry Pi through VNC Server
Now what?
  • I've clicked and double clicked the raspberry pi icon in the top, left corner of the screen and nothing happens
  • I clicked on Chromium Web Browser and nothing happens
  • I also installed, via Putty, Chromium and still nothing is happening.
Again, I'm interacting w/ the Pi via VNC Server.  So, that might be part of the issue?

Here's a video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=13l7Gr0...2osTF7ayTa

Thoughts?  Thnx!
What's the output of this command?
sudo service plexmediaserver status

How can you tell it's not running? Have you tried to connect to http://plexpi.local:32400/web/index.html ?
Hello. Thank you for your reply.

I have not been able to open plex on the pi but I can open the plex server from my laptop by using the provided link.

Now...I can't point it to my wd cloud private shares to load movies.
So it seems the plex server is working now, that's good!
For the network share you have to mount it in your pi.
If you search this forum I've provided detailed step by step guide on how to do it
Great!  I was able to follow your guide and add My Cloud--but only when I changed the share to public access.  Is there a way to keep it private and still access it?

After I connected it, I changed the share back to private and no longer had access.  I changed it back to public access and again had access.


My guide was to mount it on your pi only, I think public and private are referred to Samba share
OK. So, since I was able to get this working after making numerous who know what changes to the pi, I decided to do a fresh install and complete the process.

Now, when I get to step three, sudo mount -t cifs // /mnt/networkShare, I get asked Password for root@  No matter what I put in there, it doesn't work.

I keep getting the error "unable to find suitable address"

This is AFTER changing the share to public...
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