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PlexPi in Car...loses file location

A little background, I've been working on a little system to bring a plex library into my car to use on road trips for my kids.
My current setup is plexpi, an external harddrive plugged directly into the Pi.  I also have a travel router in the setup, with an ethernet cable plugged into the Pi providing the wireless network to connect to my kids ipads.
All of this is plugged into the AC converter outlet in our mini-van

It will work perfectly for a while, but after a while  the USB drive will be renamed, it will add a number to the end of the drive name.

I think it has something to do with the fact that when I turn the car off it shuts off power to the Pi which shuts off power to the USB drive.  this happen over and over, but it doesn't always change the name of the drive.

Is there a way to always have the drive mount to a specific name?  or to reset it once it has changed the name?

you may try removing the drive before powering off the unit, but I'm uncertain if the Pi 3 has an EJECT function
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