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Hey guys/gals.  New to NEMS. I tried searching through the posts for anything related to remote access. I found some referencing RealVNC from a while back.  I can't find anything related to other integrated business services like logmein, pcAnywhere, or more specifically TeamViewer.  IS this an option? I attempted locally by installing a lightmd pkg with the intent to open a browser (connected via TV) on the Pi but it obviously freezes due to refreshing. If TV isn't an option I'm curious to know what secure options you guys are applying. Thanks in advance for the help!
Is it a foolish question or is there no one with any experience in this?
NEMS Linux is a headless server. You access it via your web browser.

Perhaps it would be better to explain what you are hoping to do, and we can direct you to the solution. But the options you are trying are used for systems that have a desktop environment. NEMS does not - it's entirely browser based.

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I'm supporting small businesses so I have several locations to monitor.  I have one currently in use that is pushing notifications; however, I can't interact with it without physically being there.  I'm trying to monitor and manage from a central location.
If you don't have a SOCKS Proxy server at the site or desktop to remote to, you can just add your NEMS server to port forwarding in the router.

NEMS Cloud Services (fee-based service in NEMS 1.5) you can use NEMS Cloud Dashboard which lets you see your status from anywhere. There is also the free webhook notifications (eg., get notifications directly in Discord or Slack) or you can use the Pushover or Telegram apps, or use email notifications or SMS. The options are endless... you don't have to physically be there to use NEMS.
Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

Did I help you out? Appreciate what I do? Please consider saying thanks:
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