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Challenge with nems-restore

First and foremost, Merry Christmas, and I certainly do not expect a response in the next couple of days. Posting now while the issue is fresh in my mind.

I am having some challenges with restoring NEMS. This is being done as a test to make sure the restore process works as expected. This is being done with an RPI 3 B+ and a variety of sd cards.

Two specific failures that I have noticed are happening upon restore; 1. the check commands in Nconf lose all of their 'params description' and the 'amount of params' is set to 1 on all of them; 2. the systems settings are not being restored.

I have multiple backups of 3 different NEMS environments on 3 different RPIs (again, doing lots of testing). Two of the environments are up and running with no issues (all the data is there).  Every time I restore any of the backups I have the same issues with the restored NEMS instance.

The backup process being used is as simple as I can make it; flash the sd card with the nems 1.4.1 image; init NEMS; ftp a backup.nems file to the home directory (instead of using a thumb drive); then run nems-restore /home/xxx/backup.nems.   The restore appears to work correctly (I am not using a personal encryption password for the testing).  But then when I go to system settings and Rconf the data specified above is missing.

The advanced services show that the original (default) parameters are there, but when they are opened for editing there is only "arg1" for each (with the data for "arg1" present) this of course is because the check commands are all set to 1 param. When I attempt to create a new advanced service using a check command with more than one argument, only "arg1" is displayed (again, only 1 param on the check command). And then when I go to the check commands themselves, the data specified above is missing.

I can change the check commands and put the data back in but that's kind of a daunting task, and I'm not sure what else might be going on.

Hope someone can tell me I am doing something basically wrong... 'user error' is one of my strengths Smile

Thanks, Steve aka hudtheitguy
Merry Christmas to you as well!

Thanks for the report, Steve.

Any chance I could get a copy of your support.nems file? I'd like to have a look and see if this is a bug or if it's specific to your setup. Either way, I'd like to fix it.

Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

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Thanks for the quick reply Robbie.  PM'ed you with the support file.

Hi Steve,
Please follow the directions in nems-support (PM is not accepted) - I'll gladly have a look.

Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

Did I help you out? Appreciate what I do? Please consider saying thanks:
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