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Hi Guys

I'm unable to get this working Dodgy .

I have a bot setup on our internal Centreon server and that works 100%.
We do require a external monitor of our links so Telegram is a MUST!! We don't monitor email constantly..

Telegram Account Info
Your Bot  
Do I use the bot name or the token? @mybot or xxxxxx:xxxxxxxx
Telegram Chat ID
-xxxxxxx (group)

I have a php script and that works 100 with token & group so the bot is not the problem (zip attached)
sudo apt install php7.2-cli

php telegram-bot.php "-groupID" "bot api key" 1 (enable sending) "message"


Attached Files
.zip   telegram-notify.zip (Size: 4.34 KB / Downloads: 1)
I'm guessing you meant to post this in the NEMS Linux community forum, not Category5 Technology TV? Or is this a generic question regarding PHP development? I don't follow. Let me know  :) Thanks!
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