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Notifications help / guidance

Followed installation tutorial and it went without hitch. Followed along exactly with basic monitoring, my current issue is i do not get notifications. I setup gmail as email and signed up for a pushover account, have both user and api key. When i create downtime (just like in the video), nems generally works however i do not get notifications. What else is odd is the tv module never shows anything down but adagios does perfectly. Anyone have any guidance in how to resolve?
Adagios shows the service state in realtime. NEMS TV Dashboard and your notifications on the other hand will only be triggered if the thresholds you set are met. Therefore, my first guess is that your thresholds are configured incorrectly.

What are the services you are failing, and what are the settings for that service in NEMS NConf?
Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

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I followed your 1.4.1 video verbatim, well as closely as it can match 1.5. Set the retries to 10 and everything else to 1 minute. I have tried failing different hosts by changing the ip. Adagios shows it failed on refresh and then i have waited up to 10 minutes. No change to tv and no notifications or emails. I will go so far as to run a capture on the wire if i really have too. Also happy to try anything else you might think.
Ok did another test, sometime post 10 minutes and the 20 minute mark when i checked back, tv had updated. Still no notifications though. Any ideas?
What is the output of your NEMS mailtest?
Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

Did I help you out? Appreciate what I do? Please consider saying thanks:
Youll have to forgive me because i am a nagios/nems noob. Is there a way to push an email (if so i cannot find). I have yet to receive a single email or pushover notification, have also yet to figure out the input needed for telegram to work.

A 4 minute capture doesnt yield much insight. Lots of calls to opendns for github (sea) and some to google.com. But nothing actually getting sent after the query. The only outbound connections besides dns is ntp and speedtest.
Let me ask the question this way. Since i am not seeing any outbound notification pushes via email or pushover, how can i validate that they are in fact being sent? A followup, does nems actually create a session to gmail and pushover then send notifications over that session or does it just send much like syslog? If just send i should still see something even if misconfigured account settings.
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