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Contact Groups

Doesn't work for me, unfortunately.

So I did some further digging, and saw posts for Nagios Core where the generic-service template was causing the same behaviour - and the suggestion was to remove the nagiosadmin contact group from the generic-service template.

This I have done

[Image: vdb4CFI.png]

Then on the Host I have defined the contact groups I want to receive notifications

[Image: 5vq3ySp.png]

And the services are set to pick up the Hosts contact groups (I believe?)

[Image: 5Yy0cOa.png]

So all looks OK in NCONF?

Then when I deploy, Adagios shows me the correct contact groups on the Host page - so far so good.

[Image: cPZnRW7.png]

But if I drill down into a particular service, it only shows the admins contact group! And that is the only contact to receive the emails.

[Image: ZSoAap2.png]

I don't want to define contacts on every service, as I assume this would work, as hosts share services and certain hosts notifications only need to go to certain contacts, so I would have to create extra duplicate services just for some hosts which seems like a lot of wasted config & time to me.

Is my understanding wrong? Does the service not use the Host contact group if there is nothing explicitly defined in the service config for contacts?
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