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Odroid N2 network issue

Is there an updated network driver for the Odroid N2 build of NEMS 1.5?  I'm having all kinds of network drop outs, destination host unreachable, ping timeouts and the like.  Can't get nems-init to run properly on the N2, even tried burning the image twice to the eMMC after verifying MD5 was correct.

Since I couldn't get NEMS to work, I installed Ubuntu 18.04 and all seems fine.  Ping is good, speedtest-cli works, even ran iperf3 and getting great results (835 Mbits/sec) with no retries.  I would try iperf3 on NEMS but it can't seem to keep a stable network connection long enough to install it. 

Any help would be appreciated.

BTW, running NEMS 1.5 on a RPi 3B+ with 75 hosts and 335 services but I'm at the point where I need more horsepower, hence the Odroid N2.
You may have a board from the same batch as I have. Tons of issues. Robbie managed to get one from this batch and confirmed the issues. He will be working on a new image for the N2 to resolve so all N2 boards should work going forward.

Thanks all,

Marshman  NY, USA
Thanks for the info!
Build2 is available for the Odroid N2. Mine is working fine now so give it a try.

Thanks all,

Marshman  NY, USA
Just to wrap this up, yes; Thanks to my friends at ameriDroid, which is where Marshman said he bought his, I was able to get them to confirm the board they sent me to investigate this issue was from the same run. Sure enough, booting Build 1 on the board saw the same results. Slow, no boot, poor responsiveness, etc. Meveric built a new u-boot package and moved it upstream, so using my original development board, I was able to update the u-boot and create Build 2, which fixes the issue entirely.

I couldn't tell you why 1 in 10 boards were affected. I suspect it is because both Meveric and I built our software on pre-release development boards. So then when you folks got your boards, they were the "final batch" - and something must have been different about them that made our early u-boot incompatible.

Needless to say, download and deploy Build 2 for the N2. It runs great on all boards tested, including those previously unable to run NEMS.

Thanks to Marshman for his help too!
Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

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Can confirm build 2 has no issues so far on my N2.  Thanks for the fix and the explanation Robbie!  

Now, on to the migration from the Pi.
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