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ExpressVPN monitoring


Thank you RobbieF for creating this awesome monitoring system! Im running NEMSlinux with Rpi 3b+ with version 1.5 and im wondering if can i monitor linux services with it?

Im running torrent box in another Rpi and i wanted to monitor if the VPN connection is online or not (its expressvpn selfbuild service). It automatically disconnects the tunnel when the connection is lost. But i dont get any notification about it unless i check the server. So my question is: Can i monitor linux services with NEMS? If so, can u give me instructions how to make the configurations. I didn't find any threads about this? Thank u in advance! Im also a big fan of your Cat5 liveshow.

My LAN: Hybrid router running LTE and VDSL, freenas, 3 raspberry pi's, HP printer, My Cloud Home, WIN 10 desktop , android TV box and Chromebook&Ubuntu laptop. Also android tablet and Phone.

- Linux noob from Finland Smile
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