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V3 interaction increasing.

You need to make sure that you click to take a photo first. Once you click it a flash message will pop-up asking if you want to allow the site access to your webcam, then you allow it. Once that is done it should activate your camera and then show you a preview of the picture before you take it.
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(05-11-2012, 12:02 PM)Robbie Ferguson Wrote: Just a note that I had to remove some of Andy's shots since they contained copywritten imagery. I'll create an official "terms" on the new site at some point, but you can imagine that we don't wanna host copywritten material on the Photo Booth. Mug shots only. Smile

So go submit your mug shot... one per day, I say! Smile Let's fill the wall and keep it active on an ongoing basis!

http://photobooth.category5.tv is the public link.

No prob i did that mainly for testing to see what it could do and what I could do never expected it to stay in the final Smile

Figured small amount of people used the beta did not realize you were going to take it live early.
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