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nems 1.5 internet Speed Test Service

I just noticed an 

Internet  Speed Test Warning ---- WARNING - Ping = 288.121 ms Download = 20.60 Mbit/s Upload = 9.37 Mbit/s

This is a service on NEMS

Does this use something like the interactive Ookla to do speed tests with?
If so what destination does this select?

I have a robot that does speed tests 24x7 on the 58th minute.
I also use an IFTTT applet to store results on a Google Spreadsheet. I average out the readings and if the average download drops below 90% it send me an email.

As I am in Queensland Australia I use a Brisbane based server and my results show latency of 33ms, down 45Mb/s and  up 18Mb/s on average for these.

Great idea!

I looked but could not find any documentation on it so would love to know if the test destination is configurable?

I looked at the arguments and there are 5 but I don't know what they mean.

Can anyone enlighten me?

Ok after a bit more searching I found this

Out of the box, NEMS 1.5 will check the Internet connectivity speed using a test server in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Warnings will be sent if your upload or download speed falls below 10 Mb/sec and Critical warnings will be sent if it falls below 7 Mb/sec.

The default configuration uses a server local to where I develop NEMS Linux. You can modify the sample service's thresholds and server number to suit your needs.

To obtain the server number for your most local server, visit NEMS Server Overview. This number represents the server that gives you the lowest ping time (presumably, local to you). The chosen server is listed under “Local Speedtest Server Number” however you will have to manually copy that to your service configuration in NEMS NConf.

Looking at my NEMS Server Overview 

Speedtest Server: 13434 Redfox Corporation Pty Ltd (Mackay, Australia)

I have now changed my server number to 13434, generated and deployed.
I now get much better figures and consistent with my robot data.

I have also edited my Critical and Warning thresholds so that they reflect my conditions.

This was very easy once I knew what it all meant.


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