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Pi 4

I am currently running V1.3 on a 3b, and I have some buffer issues with larger 1080 files, Now that the 4b is out and the new CPU is better suited for trans coding including 4K, I am interested in moving my server to a 4b.  Just wondering will there be a new version of Plex-Pi for the 4b, or should I just install V1.3 on it?
I'd be interested to know this too.  My Pi 3 is struggling with some of my recent files.
The Pi 4 will only run Debian Buster, so I don't think v1.3 of PlexPi will even run on it. My understanding is that they'd have to release a version that's on Buster for the 4 to work. I might be wrong.

Did you manage to run plexpi on pi4?
If yes, how id it go. Does larger files are better on pi4?
This is of interest to me too, I have just bought a rPi 4b for the sole purpose of creating a Plex Server. I am currently following a lengthy tutorial on how to do this manually, but this project would make things a lot easier...
Please post your results when finished.  I am not versed in Linux, so a pre configured install would be best, but an in depth tutorial would be the next best thing.
So I ended up buying a Pi 4. I had several problems, the biggest was drive permissions. I never was able to get things running on Buster. I ended up installing dietpi, and Now have plex up and running. I'm not saying that Plex on a Pi4 runing Buster won't work, but since this and my pi 3 with pre-configured plexpi are the extent on my Linux knowledge, I was not able to get it working .
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