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NConf Timeperiods

I'm having some issues with timeperiod settings in NConf. I work in an I.T. department and we have deployed NEMS to monitor our network (so much better and easier than nagios). Most of what we monitor runs 24/7 but our enterprise printers are turned off at the end of the work day, and turned back on in the morning. The timeperiods are set in the printer host-template, as well as on their individual host configurations to check and notify only during workhours. The problem is that they continue to send us notifications over our slack webhook and display on our nems/tv outside of those hours (we do not use email notifications with nems). Sometimes this causes real notifications to get buried on evenings and weekends. I've even tried setting the notification period and check period to none, and we still receive messages. I'm just wondering if I'm missing a field somewhere?
I have options set for 
max check attempts
check interval
retry interval
first notification delay
notification interval
notification options

I do not have options set for
active checking
passive checking
notification enabled
check freshness
freshness threshold

Rasberry Pi 3b+, Nems 1.5, Running the most current update/build.
We have a printer we only check during business hours. On the host definition we set the check period and notification period to workhours. Could this be what you are looking for?

[Image: host.jpg]
I've got that set, but it still reports as down on our nems/tv and over the slack webhook.
I've also noticed issues that are acknowledged through adagios also continue to report over the slack webhook.

So to summarize my longer first post: 
- Nems tv reports problems outside of the set timeperiods (printer set to workhours timeperiods, still shows as red on nems tv outside of workhours when turned off after 5pm) 
- Slack webhook reports host problems outside of the hosts set timeperiods, and continues to report problems after being acknowledged 

My question is if this is due to something I'm missing in the configurations, or if that is how nems works currently.

It's not a big deal for us, we just like our nems tv to be green all the time!
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