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Monitoring internet traffic of devices in home network

Platform: RPi 3
NEMS Linux version: 1.5
NEMS Build number: Build 8

Hi everyone,

I have just enough network knowledge to do some serious damage to someones setup. i.e. absolutely 0.

I recently had a scare on my data usage. 100GB went missing over 2 days which is totally abnormal behavior. My ISP cannot tell me where it went and, the useless router which they force me to use cannot provide anything more than a total count of bytes over a period of time. Great for knowing the obvious, that you ran out of data.

After googling a bit i found NEMS. I thought it would allow me a way to monitor my network for devices and usage plus give me the extra capability of monitoring ping to use when arguing with the ISP that my connection is slow:-) Fast forward a few days and, I am pleased to say, I got NEMS installed, Initialized, static IP assigned via router (outside my subnet) and its working perfectly. This is now where I am stuck. The technical jargon and the plethora of reports about the PI itself has me stumped. The documentation inst as comprehensive for a non-network person like myself which is why i am turning to you for help.

On my network i have the following; 1. Router (seems to be static IP), 2. NEMS (RPi and static IP), 3.....x various devices with dynamic IP's. Is it possible to monitor, with the purposed of reporting, the data usage of each of the device? I would like to, at the end of the month, draw a report to see how much data each used. Better yet would be the ability to view on the TV dashboard usage per device. Then there is the ping part. How do i go about showing the speed of the data line over time to have a meaningful argument with my ISP about not getting what i am paying for?

Thank you very much for your help.

Thank you for all the views (67 at present). There has been 0 comments so this makes me wonder that this is not possible at all. Or, maybe its just that my question isn't challenging enough?

As i said, I don't now anything about networks. Explaining or pointing me to reference that will help me understand NEMS from a beginner perspective will truly be appreciated.
NEMS is not the tool for what you want to do unless you use something like SNMP to interrogate the devices in question in my opinion.  Again this would seem above your level of knowledge as you stated.

Personally I can tell traffic of particular devices from an Ether Switch I use.
I run a hard wired network and only use WiFi for Mobile/Portable devices.
I use a 24 port Netgear Etherswitch (JGS524PE) and I can report the number of bytes sent and any errors from each port on the switch.

Again by deciding whether it's a wired or WiFi device is achievable here.

This is pretty basic but does give you a heads up on any device that is possibly being hijacked.

Some routers can do this also but you stated that yours does not 

Hope that helps.
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