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Having issue with NEMS TV Dashboard

RPi 3b+
NEMS 1.5
Could not find the Build number, am on latest Buster update

Moved RPi from my office to server cabinet on same subnet/physical switch.  Same IP, the NEMS TV Dashboard is no longer available.  i.e. nothing in the config changed only a shutdown and restart.

When I select that option from the NEMS dashboard I receive the following back:

Not Found
The requested URL /tv/ was not found on this server.
NEMS_Linux/1.5 Server at nems.local Port 443

Any suggestions on what service I should check?  The logs from cockpit do not provide any direction.  NEMS Mobile and NEMS Adagios are working fine.

Hey jeffco,

Fix came out yesterday. It should repaired itself overnight. If not try running sudo nems-quickfix.
Thanks all,

Marshman  NY, USA
Thanks Marshman.  It is resolved after the nightly update.
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