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NEMS Upgrade 1.5 to 1.5.1

I have the same problem, nems remains at 1.5 on my rpi3b and nems screens nags that 1.5.1 is available. 
Looking at this thread I am concerned the project may well be dead.
Okay everyone...since Robbie appears to be AWOL, I'm digging into this issue...
I suspect that 1.5 is the last version of NEMS, regardless of what we're being told in NEMS Upgrade.

The root cause of the issue we're having is that while the system is told the latest upgrade available is 1.5.1, the upgrade.sh script has not been updated to account for 1.5.1.  The upgrade.sh (/usr/local/share/nems/nems-scripts/upgrade.sh) is supposed to be updated during a nightly cron job if there is a new version available.  However, that's not happening, so when we run the 'nems-upgrade' program (which links to the upgrade.sh script) it says there's no rolling-upgrade to run...

This appears to be confirmed as Robbie stores NEMS in Github:  https://github.com/Cat5TV/nems-scripts
The latest version of the upgrade.sh script that is committed is the one we have, which includes up through PATCH000007, but does NOT include a 1.5.1 update.

The reason we're being told that 1.5.1 is available is because in the update.sh script, it performs a Git Clone of the Repo at 

In that repo, approximately 2 months ago, Robbie updated the 'ver-current.sh' to 1.5.1:

That file is pulled nightly by a cronjob that runs /usr/local/share/nems/nems-scripts/quickfix.sh, which runs the update.sh script.  Ultimately that ver-current.txt is copied to
/var/www/html/inc/ver-available.txt which is read by the MOTD.

So, Robbie needs to either re-update the file at https://github.com/Cat5TV/nems-migrator/...urrent.txt back to 1.5, or else he needs to release a new upgrade.sh that will upgrade us to 1.5.1.  As there doesn't appear to be anything in the primary Repo for a 1.5.1 version, I'd say it's a mistake.

Only Robbie knows for sure...

FWIW, Robbie updated that file 2 months ago, I also see other commits within the last week.  I'm sure he's got a life and as such, I wouldn't panic about the lack of updates just yet.

Thanks you Pickerin,

That explanation is great.

Every seems to be running smooth on 1.5 so lets wait and see.
FYI, I chatted with Robbie a bit after I submitted an Issue on his Github repository for NEMS.

He's working on a fix.

You can follow it here:  https://github.com/Cat5TV/nems-migrator/issues/1

Sorry for disappearing, but I wanted to get an answer to everyone...

You CANNOT upgrade from 1.5 to 1.5.1 via the rolling upgrade (nems-upgrade).

1.5.1 can only be upgraded to by backing up, re-flashing the OS to the SD card, and restoring the backup.

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