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Zorin OS. Good linux distro if you are coming from Windows.


Zorin OS is a Linux based operating system that is based on ubuntu.

Difference between ubuntu and Zorin? Why should i use Zorin rather than Ubuntu?
Because Zorin OS is bassicly ubuntu difference is that zorin OS has the exact layout as windows 7 so if you are new to linux and you decide to go with Ubuntu you will notice a difference in layout like.
Ubuntu uses the unity desktop here is a screenshot of Ubuntu.


Zorin OS has a similer layout as windows 7 but not just windows 7 it also has windows XP layout.


You also have the option to choose Windows XP Layout. (Not much changes if you select it except the menu and the window list)
Now my own opinion of Zorin is. 
That it is just Ubuntu with Avant and Dockbar X installed and GNOMenu installed
and compiz Fusion and all the desktop effects are already installed.
It also has Wine and PlayonLinux and Wine tricks installed all this are applications that help you run windows programs on Zorin but in my opinion if you are going to use a Linux OS don't mix windows with it because the out come does not allways come out preety. Many Windows programs will run but not all of them.
Zorin also has Ubuntu Restricted Extras installed.
Bassicly all Zorin is in my opinion is Ubuntu that is set up for you.
For some one that is new to Linux i think this is the best solution.
When i first got into Linux i wish i found Zorin sooner would have saved me allot of time.

Okay now enough of that.
Time for security.
As many of you already know Ubuntu is a very secure OS so you know Zorin is safe and immune to all windows viruses. Zorin OS comes with an integrated fire wall to help keep you extra safe.
As many Ubuntu users know if a huge security threat occured that involved ubuntu updates will come in in a matter of hours the same goes for Zorin OS so you know you are safe.
There are millions of Malware programs aimed at the windows OS so you need to install an Anti Virus tool but with Zorin OS you do not.
Zorin OS is perfect for say now a Member of your family does online banking or anything financial why risk using a Windows OS?

Zorin OS perfect for someone who just wants to go online and perfect for someone who is new to the linux world. 
With Windows 7 chances are (if you are running a old PC) You will have to get a hardware upgrade so your PC will run Windows 7. Plus Windows 7 installation disk is at least £200 to get in store. Zorin OS is completely Free. The Zorin team also made a version of Zorin for slower computers based on Lubuntu. They have a version that you can pay for only 10 bucks and by getting it you help support them.

Windows 7 in time would start to slow down. Zorin OS will stay fast years after you installed it. 
With Windows when you get a printer a scanner or a wireless you would have to install drivers by going online using the windows update or using the driver disk provided.

Zorin OS on the other hand with all the printers and scanners and wirelesses i have ever owned i have not once had to install any drivers just plug them in and they work. For someone who is new to a PC who doesn't know how to do any of this well why make their life difficult? Just install Zorin on their machine and with a Windows layout it will be easier than ever to use your PC.
Zorin OS
Perfect for a beginner who wants to enter the Linux world.
Safe no need to worry about windows viruses
Built from Ubuntu so you get the same experience.
Fast and ideal for a slower PC
Perfect for someone who just wants to surf it has everything you will ever need.

Zorin OS comes with Word processor applications and everything you need to do everyday tasks.

New to linux? 
Go with Zorin OS. 

To get Zorin go to this site.

Before you decide to install Zorin take in to mind that you can try Linux without installing. Which is called Live Mode have a play with it and see if it's for you and if you decide to install you can ether erase your hard disk and make Zorin your main operating system or you can install Zorin alongside windows giving you a choice what operating system you want to boot in to when your computer starts up. Smile

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I tested Zorin, but only very briefly, in a VM a while ago. I will have to give it a closer look before recommending it to people, but at a first glance I also thought that it is a great option for people who are coming from a Windows world (=most people) and want to try out Linux.

I think it's a good idea to have a distro which narrows the gap to Windows when it comes to arranging things, so that people can more easily cross over and give the "other world" a chance. But I also have to give Ubuntu credit. Although I am not using it anymore (well, as a server, but that's just because I don't want to touch it), they were the ones who ultimately inspired me to really make the switch and I am really happy I did.

Therefore, I am really happy about any distribution which has the potential to get Windows people hooked, like Ubuntu and Mint certainly do.
It's a good idea to get familiar with a new world and then, once you went far enough into the linux forest to never look back anymore, you can start to look at all the other distros/trees standing there and try them out. I think there are so many viable options out there, it's crazy, but although the number of distros can be confusing at first, it also is a great opportunity to really find one that you really like.

I went upstream and do not regret it for a second, but then there are so many directions you can go, you need to be careful not to get lost. I think Fedora and Arch and also two options a lot of people consider.

But for now I would probably recommend Zorin or Mint to beginners, although I do not really have experience with them. It would be interesting to see more opinions from folks who started with Zorin OS and how like it and if they moved to, which other distro they migrated to.
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