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Nems 1.5.1 system load

I have finally gotten around to my 1.5.1 upgrade, from 1.4.1. I had a few things that I had to re-write, and just had not gotten there yet...(I need to get ready for 1.6)


I'm running on a pi 3 b+. About 50 hosts, about 100 services. Mix of monitors, but nothing too exotic.

My recollect is that 1.4.1 ran at a system load of around 0.6 - anywhere, between 0.5. and 1.0

The new one - on (literally)  the same hardware, it running about 1.5, with spikes much higher.

Now, a 4 core box should not need to worry about a load like that (probably anything below about a 6 should be sustainable) - but i am curious. Does this reflect any of your experiences, either in absolute load, or in a big jump after the upgrade?

I am interested to hear.

So, for a variety of reasons, (this among them) I decided to rebuild on 1.5.1 rather than migrating. I find my configuration gets a bit tighter each time I do it. It is large enough to be a bit of a pain. A days work.

Anyway, when complete, with a few more services configured than before (I figured out a few SNMP oids along the way) I am up and running and averaging around .6 load. Just a smidgen higher (probably well within the accuracy of my measurement) than 1.5.1

Hopefully this may be of some use to someone if they encounter the same issue.

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