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Central View

Apologies  if this is covered somewhere else, I'm fairly new to NEMS, although not new to computers and monitoring, and cant seem to find documentation or a thread that will help.

My scenario is that I have several remote small offices with an internet connection (no site to site VPN). I am looking to install a NEMS Raspberry Pi at each site to monitor local assets but would also like for it to report back to a central server over the internet connection, so me as an admin can see from one view all the state of each office. Am I missing something or approaching it in the wrong way?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can point me in the right direction or to a help document explaining
I have the same need
I have a main office where I have sub-networks isolated by firewalls.
could I place NEMS in the sub-networks and have a single monitor?
I couldn't find any documentation

Good Afternoon
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