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Fresh NEMS install accessing massive amounts of web data


Two days ago I installed NEMS on a Raspberry pi. I'm new to NEMS and haven't configured anything yet on the server. 
This morning I was browsing my data usage via a Unifi USG(new to this too) and noticed that since I've installed NEMS this server showed the following data usage for Web...

Category: Web
Application: HTTP
Down Bytes: 21.5 GB
Up Bytes: 2.74 GB
Total Bytes: 24.3
Down Pkts: 16055013
Up Pkts: 6368559
Total Pkts: 22423572

What on earth is this server doing?
System uptime info:  Uptime: 2 days 03 hours 32 minutes 25 seconds

It doesn't seem to be storing anything locally.
/boot Used: 40.02MB (15.88%) Free: 212.03MB Total: 252.05MB
/ Used: 3.59GB (20.29%) Free: 14.11GB Total: 17.70GB

Anyone have any suggestions?
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