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Promotional Posters

It would be super nice to see some Category 5 Tech TV promo posters that watchers could print out. These would be useful to say take to local user groups (Whether Linux, .NET, Web Dev, or whatever.) and place out to try and get people interested in checking out the show.

Ideally if a single version were provided, it would need to look good in Black and White for cheaper printing. If it could be made to also look very good in color, great otherwise a secondary (and IMO less important) color version could be made.

Essentially the poster should be a normal A4 paper size and get across that the show is about all kinds of technology but primarily focused on Linux-based things. Also, a mention that the weekly newsroom will help keep viewers up-to-date on the major announcements of the tech world.
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Excellent suggestion! I know Christa (our graphic designer) is very (!!) busy this season, so if we do this it'll be either myself or the community. If someone in the community has experience in poster design, please let me know what assets (eg., logo, images) you need. Otherwise, I'll try taking a crack at it in GIMP and export to PDF.
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