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My Computer and Media Center Setup

Hey all!   Smile

Check out my Setup!, Got a old HP Computer with just under 1GB of RAM and a single core CPU running Ubuntu MATE 17.04 (PC on the Floor). This Computer is running as a Plex media server aswell as a samba file server. I got a PS3 hocked up to the TV to stream any content to the big screen. I use a app called "Remote File Manager" and "PlayerXtreme" on my iPhone 5s to access all My Media instead of paying for the apps across my different devices.

I've then got my main setup running Ubuntu 16.04 which I use for running VM's listening to music and browsing the Internet. I'm Starting to build up the LED's to improve the mood of the living room. SO what do you guys think? any suggestions of improving this setup? bare in mind I got to do this on a budget as I'm unfortunately I'm not in work.

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wow so cool
(08-10-2017, 06:09 PM)bigkitty Wrote: wow so cool

Thanks, always trying to find ways to improve it. Have bought 2 LED lamps, so will upload them soon!  Smile
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