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NEMS Using mrtgtraf

Hi there,
start using NEMS at home on a raspi3.

its more or less dificult to use it when u`re familar with prtg or whatsapp gold Smile .
i wanna monitor my network port on a hp 1800-24 or different switches with the check_local_mrtgtraf.
 how could i do that is there any configuration sample todo that in NEMS?

i wanna have this nice looking graphic bars, is it possible?

what i have do till now:
create my switch as host (ping up Smile )
add a directly linke service (check_local_mrtgtraf peng Sad  down, what else  Rolleyes )

i saw in the services that you have to enter some arguments like ARG1: xxx Log_file

but where can i find them? is that all i have to do?

does anyone have some adviced how to? didn`t find the answer in the web or could i use the same documentation like for nagios?

thx and regards from austria (no kangaroos Big Grin )

Hi Mike,
NEMS is, at its core, Nagios 3.5. The front-end for configuring your services is based on the now defunct NConf (I re-developed it based on the old code) - so all the documentation you need is already online for those two tools. Plus the check_mrtgtraf plugin has its own documentation, I'm sure.

Have you used Nagios before? Probably the key difference between NEMS and Nagios Core is that NEMS is build upon Nagios Core and uses a web-based interface rather than editing a bunch of script and config files.

I endeavor to make NEMS as easy to setup and use as possible, but it's still Nagios: you need to understand / learn Nagios a bit before NEMS will really make sense.

I also hope to expand the documentation in time, but right now most of the time spent on NEMS (which I do in my spare time) is spent on developing the software. NEMS 1.3 comes out this winter and is already in heavy development.

Perhaps you'd have better luck enquiring on the Nagios community forum specifically, as our community is comparatively small, and NEMS is really the distro more so than the underlying software (Nagios 3.5).

Good luck! Let us know how you make out.
Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

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